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  • Video Balun Famous Brand     ▲TOP
  • There are thousands of video balun supplier from Asia and US,however,few of their balun with stable video quality(such as hum bar problem)

    SCT from TaiWan and Vitech( from China mainland which is known as professional Video Balun Manufacturer.

  • how to choose the video balun for CCTV Video transmission?     ▲TOP
  • Hi-quality Video Balun with the following features:

    1.       Standard Video Balun Coil warpped by copper,generally 3groups coil layers is better than 2groups coil layers in interference rejection&Noise Filter.(e.g.Model NO.VT-402A

    2.       Good quality BNC connector,which should pass shaking test without video loss.

    3.       Terminal is also very important,some small video balun supplier using very low quality so as to save the cost,it is getting easily rust.

    4.      Video Balun has got the Surge protection Device inside.

  • what is the advantage of using video balun for CCTV Transmission?     ▲TOP
  • Video Balun has got excellent video intereference rejection and noise filter addition, it could save 70%-80% in cableing cost(1 UTP Cable could transmit 4ch video signal).
  • aaa     ▲TOP
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  • What are Video Baluns | UTP Baluns?      ▲TOP
  • UTP baluns, also known as Video baluns, allow  cat. 5 or better UTP cable in CCTV security surveillance installations. 300M-330M UTP Transmission Distance for Passive Video Balun worked with Passive Video Balun,and The farthest transmission distance can reach 2000m-2400m if Active Transmitter paired with Active Receiver.


  • What is the advantage to use UTP Video BALUN Twisted Pair Transmission products? SMART, FAST, COST EFFECTIVE SOLUTION     ▲TOP
  • It's more cost-efficient for UTP Video Transmission,To use UTP Video BALUN's VT-404E or VT-404C 4CH UTP Video transceiver, only need one single CAT 5 cable to transceive 4CH video signals for 300-330M  CCTV Video Transmission.
  • Can Cate.6 UTP Cable be worked with Video BALUN for UTP Transmission?     ▲TOP
  • Yes, UTP Cable, Category 5 or better, can be worked with Video Balun. the UTP transmission distance would be more larger,in the meantime,it also has got highly interference immunity.
  • What kind of wire to use with UTP Video BALUN Twisted Pair Transmission products?     ▲TOP
  • Use UTP (unshielded twisted pair) CAT 5 24 AWG (or above) to have the best transmission quality performance. To use STP (shielded twisted pair) cable, since Its high-frequency roll-off will severely degrade the distance performance. It might not be suggested. Un-twisted wire is also not to be recommended, which easy have interference and range would be shorter.