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  • HD-SDI Balun | HD-SDI Transmission Via UTP
  • HDCVI/TVI/AHD 4MP 5MP Balun | HD Trubo CVI TVI AHD Balun | Conversor Balun Par Trançado Para Video | CONVERSORES PARA PAR TRANÇADO | CFTV Vigilância | Câmeras de Segurança
  • DaHua HDCVI Balun OEM PFM800-4MP
  • HD CVI TVI AHD Video Power Balun | HD Transmisja wideo i audio po skrętce
  • HD-TVI Turbo Balun | DS-1H18 Hikvision | 4MP HD TVI CVI AHD Balun
  • 2MP 3MP 4MP 5MP 1080P AHD CVI TVI Pasywny nadajnik(odbiornik) sygnalu
  • CVI TVI AHD CVBS to HDMI Converter | CVI TVI AHD CVBS to HDMI+VGA Converter
  • how to solve HDCVI TVI AHD interference or grounding problem | VT-HD430C SEPARATOR GALWANICZNY DO AHD, HD-CVI, HD-TVI
  • POE Extender | POE-100E
  • POE Switch | POE-504at

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    VT-POE-SP is based on the IEC61643-21:2000 standard, integrated with surge protection for both network signal and power together. It features multi-level protection, larg...

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  • VT-CoaxB-SP16CH


    The VT-CoaxB-SP16CH is a 16ch HD-CVI,TVI,AHDVideo Surge Protector used to protect CCTV Cameras,DVRs,Multiplexers and any other type of Video Equipment with coax cable vid...

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  • VT-RJ45-SP


    VT-RJ45-SP is a RJ45 signal surge protectors are applied to the protection against inductive over voltage, power interference & electrostatic discharge (ESD) for sen...

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  • VT-CoaxB-SP


    VT-CoaxB-SP is a single channel coaxial video surge protector used in CCTV applications to protect CCTV Cameras, DaHuaHD-CVI,Hikvision HD-TVI,AHD Cameras, and any other t...

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